Kiteboarding Lessons


Wondering what all the fuss is about with all the colorful kites flying around in the sky? You’re in luck! We have an established Kiteboarding school on site that has been in business for over 15 years. We are happy to set you up with Kitesurfing lessons of your choice for all levels. Our instructors are certified, we use quad and jet ski to support students, and radio helmets for instructor/student communication. For Kiteboarding lesson bookings, packages and pricing, please contact us at 


La Ventana’s Magical Winds. 

The wind at La Ventana is incredibly consistent because it has three wind machines - A prevailing north flow, with a local Thermal and Venturi (funnel effect) wind. The close proximity of Isla Cerralvo to the inland western mountains creates the Venturi effect, which accelerates the northerly flow. The heating up of the Valley to the south creates the local Thermal effect which generates additional wind. 

When looking at the computer model wind forecast for La Ventana, keep in mind the Thermal effect. For example, if the computer models call for north wind at 15 mph, sunny and hot, 70F+, add at least 5mph to the 15mph wind forecast, for a total of 20mph or more. The sunnier it is and hotter the air, the stronger the thermal effect and wind. That’s the magic of our windy La Ventana!


When checking wind forecasts for Kiteboarding or Windsurfing, it's best to check a human forecast that will take into consideration the local conditions that affect the wind's strength tremendously. We are lucky to have a local Meteorologist who posts daily wind forecasts for La Ventana.


See you on the water!